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Beating Australia in their own game..

Posted by indianethic on 2007.10.21 at 20:08
On-field aggression: Team India pays the Aussies in their own coin
By Neeru Bhatia [link]

There is a bit of disbelief in the air over Australian captain Ricky Ponting's claim in the Aussie media that International Cricket Council match referee Chris Broad complimented him on his team's on-field behaviour. Author and historian Mukul Kesavan takes it with a pinch of salt.
The battle for the Future Cup has been hard and the loss in the fifth One-Dayer in Vadodara has put India on the spot. It has to win the next two matches to even the series. The series is also witnessing another battle-a war of words between the two teams. After all, the Australians are yet to win the annual ICC Spirit of Cricket award while Indians, ever since the time of Sourav Ganguly, have been keen to avoid the good boys tag!

For once the war of words, a game that the Aussies are famous for, started in the opposite camp. Despite the gap in the two teams' ODI ranking, Team India knows it can get under the Aussie skin.
The trick was learnt when Steve Waugh's Australian team came to conquer the last frontier in 2001-02. But Indians led by Sourav Ganguly outdid the Aussies in on-field aggression, thanks to coach John Wright. Before the series began, in a team meeting, Wright jumped on to the table in the dressing room and said: "You can't look upon the Aussies. You look down upon them."

Team India led by M.S. Dhoni played by that rule in the Twenty20 World Cup against Australia and continues to do so at home. But India's One-Day woes have been as persistent as a bad virus. Yet the team believes that it can close the gap. Dhoni insisted, despite being 0-2 down at Hyderabad that his team lost because it played badly and not because it was a bad team.

The coaching department too is backing the boys to talk the talk. While Robin Singh and Venkatesh Prasad have reportedly encouraged specific players in the team to hassle the Aussies verbally, cricket manager Lal Chand Rajput also gave his blessings for the team to be aggressive on the field. "The team has decided to talk back if spoken to. We are not going to sit back," he said.

The latest in the row is Andrew Symonds, the self-confessed flag-bearer of Aussie aggression, waving his bat at S. Sreesanth's face while he returned to the pavilion after being bowled out by R.P. Singh in the Chandigarh ODI. There have been reports that the maverick Indian bowler clapped in the face of Symonds after he was dismissed and that provoked him.

According to an eyewitness, Sree, who was on water-duty after being dropped from the playing eleven, said to Symonds near the boundary rope: "Hard luck, well tried. But we're gonna win the game." But that instigated Symonds to raise his bat and mutter back "Do you want to play?" Teammate Mitchell Johnson rushed to pacify him. Meanwhile Michael Clarke and Stuart Clarke decided to take on Sreesanth and came yelling: "You aren't even playing, you are the 14th man."

Sree has no regrets. "I am not afraid of what the world is saying about me. I know I need to improve. I am learning as I play more games but I have no regrets. I have helped my team do well. It has sown seeds of doubt in the Aussies' minds," he said.
Team India has shown that it is willing to play the Aussies in their mind games. Said Robin Uthappa before the Chandigarh One-Dayer: "We know where to draw the line, we were a bit quiet in Hyderabad because the media hyped it up. But let us enjoy and play the game the way we want to." When asked whether the Chandigarh duel would lead to more verbal duels, Uthappa said: "They [Aussies] are experienced in sledging, we are getting there and catching up with them."

It all started with Symonds. He fired the first salvo even as Team India returned home with the Twenty20 World Cup. He said that victory was history for the Boys in Blue, who according to him were not 'humble' champs. Uthappa was quick to respond to that: "If our World Cup victory is history, then theirs is ancient history."

Symonds also had a spat with Sachin Tendulkar in the Hyderabad ODI while the maestro was batting. Sachin didn't hesitate in giving him back in equal measure. Harbhajan Singh criticised the visitors for "vulgur" behaviour after he was dismissed by Michael Clarke and was subjected to a barrage of words by the celebrating Aussies in Hyderabad. In return, he pointed his bat at the Australians. Singh relished in telling Australian media that, "I was responding to a lot of vulgar words. They think you cannot fight back and they don't like it when you do. I won't take that kind of crap. If they want to play like that they will get it back from us."

Post Kochi, ICC match referee asked both captains to keep things less vocal. That didn't stop Ricky Ponting from verbally abusing Dhoni while batting. Dhoni, instead of responding, complained to the umpire. In the post match media briefing, he said: "Ponting had used very harsh and vulgar language and that prompted me to complain to the umpire."

Ponting also accused the Indian team of faking aggression in his column in an Australian daily. He wrote: "As soon as any words that were said on the field in Hyderabad, Dhoni went and complained to the umpires. So they have gone from one extreme to another. It shows just how fake the first part of the series was." Ponting then underlined how his team's aggression lay in playing cricket under pressure. When asked to comment on Aussie skipper's comment, Dhoni said: "If you are a team who are supposed to win you have to prove it. Every team has a different kind of pressure."

The win in Chandigarh ODI worried the Aussie captain. He said: "We knew India would come back hard." What surprised the Aussies is the manner in which the young brigade in the Indian team attacked them. "This sort of thing hasn't happened in the past. I have not played against a few of them. But in this team there are a few youngsters who are aggressive in terms of body language," Ponting said. The Indians are far from surprised. As far as they are concerned, provoking and getting under the Australian players' skin is half the battle won.

Source: THE WEEK Magazine

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India vs Englad: 6th ODI

Posted by indianethic on 2007.09.05 at 22:58
Wow!!. What a match it was! First of all, i never expected that England would cross 250, but they did (thnx to the lower order for hitting huge sixes n fours) and then India fought hard to win the game atlast in the final over with two ball left.

The openers (Ganguly and Sachin) continued their excellent performance with 150 runs partnership between them and laid the solid foundation for the other players to come and hit. I was surprised at Rahul's choice of sending in Gambhir as one-down batsman instead of specialist hitter, Robin Uthappa. Fortunately, Uthappa played a major role, infact i would say, single handedly won the game, playing in the lower order for India.

Last Two overs of Indian Innings

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Proud pie!

Posted by hamdamn on 2007.05.27 at 15:51

Sachin: Nice shot! Any idea what's for dinner?
Karthik: Thanks,bhai, Dinner? Oh,I just hope that it's something other than the Bangladeshi bowlers!


Post mortem

Posted by hamdamn on 2007.03.25 at 23:18
Disclaimer: I'm not a tactical expert.I'm not claiming to be one. I'm just a concerned Indian cricket lover who's logic may sometimes be overwhelmed by her passion. So spare me.:D

Firstly, read this. I loved the line about how we should remember that we're not the center of the universe!Well said!!

Having said that, anyone who's tired of Extraaa Innings should try watching Taking Guard on ESPN(if you don't already). It's on at eight thirty in the morning, and there is a repeat at five thirty. It's a neat little show, with either Harsha Bhogle or Alan Wilkins anchoring, and with Sunny Gavaskar and Pat Symcox! Today, Sunny Gavaskar spoke about the angry over-reaction of fans all over the country. He spoke about how anybody, be it a student, an employee or an employer can have a bad day at the office. Why can't we accept that the Indian cricket team had two bad days, and leave it at that? Why can't people show maturity and stop hurting other people and property?

And Imran Khan on NDTV , while answering about "sweeping changes" that are supposedly going to be made. He emphasized on the fact that we have to know EXACTLY who the replacements are going to be, before we go about making the changes. After reading Indian Summers by John Wright, I'm of the firm opinion that we need a foreign coach. John Wright, in his book, spoke about how he was instrumental in bringing about high fitness levels within the team, and purposeful practice and so forth. I believe that this kind of discipline and professionalism can only be enforced by an outsider, in India, as of now, we simply don't have the expertise and technical qualification. I'm awfully scared that the BCCI will choose an Indian, and the discipline and fitness levels will go plummeting down.
[Let's face it, we made our biggest strides under Wright. We started winning tests overseas, we started chasing fearlessly and we actually became a fielding coach to reckon with, and to top it all, we got into the finals of the 2003 WC.]

Secondly,the issue of captaincy. I'm not sure Rahul Dravid has done much wrong. He was spot on with his field placings, maybe he shouldn't have been complacent during the toss against Bangladesh, and maybe his attitude could've been better, but he earnt several brownie points by the way he handled the media after the Sri Lanka match, and his general composure. Hey, that's how everybody learns. My gut feel is that Dravid should be retained, this chopping and changing on captains will only do harm. It's quite clear that Ganguly is perfectly happy not being the captain, at this stage, captaincy is the last thing that Tendulkar wants, and  I'm not sure who else will be upto the challenge. So,retain Dravid. I think he did a great job in backing Sehwag's ability. Retain Dravid, but give him a free say in important issues, such as selection,and the like.

Well,obviously, there is a lot to be done. You have to admit that there is something fundamentally wrong when you're the world's richest board and your team can't even make it to the super 8s. Everybody was "oooh aah" about the pre-WC preps! Yay! We won Sri Lanka and West Indies! Yay! We're winning the world cup. Excuse me? Playing in India and WINNING was the worst preparation ever! Indian pitches are quite capable of making Glen McGrath thinking that he's the world's best batsman.

I always had this weird, feeling in my bones that something rather somebody was missing in the team. By the time we lost to bangladesh, I found out what. Fielding has traditionally been our weakness, and we thought we found the answer in Yuvraj Singh and KAif. Enter suresh Raina, and it was great to see the men in blue diving around, stopping the singles! I think some very good fielding makes up for shabby bowling. And that was not to be. No Kaif. No Raina. And hey, none of these guys meant we weren't running the quick singles/ converting the 2s to 3s and so on either. It was frustrating to watch them bat all through the WC.

Next concern is bowling, which looks as weak, as it was ever made out to be. Thinking about it, apart from Ramesh Powar, there is no real indication of spin bench strength. And now that's a worrying thought, because spin is supposed to be our traditional strength!!

And the world's best batting line up can't get 254 in a crunch situation?!! Why on earth can't they let Tendulkar open? How many more times do you want Tendulkar and Ganguly to prove themselves as capable openers??!!!

Lots of questions to be answered. But first, I think we should all give it a break. The players need some rest, relaxation and then you ask the questions.

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Question of the Day

Posted by xania88 on 2007.03.17 at 20:51
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Do they think they're playing a test match in colour?


Cricket World cup 2007

Posted by indianethic on 2007.03.13 at 12:51
This will surely be an interesting worldcup to watch. Except in Group A, there is always a chance for an upset by the minnows on stronger teams(like Bangladesh beating india/srilanka, Kenya on England) in the Group stages. If not, the top 8 test playing countries will play against each other in the Super 8 stage.

Unlike previous world cups, this time every super 8 has to play other teams, so the chances are almost equal for all the teams to reach the semifinal stage. I hope Australia knocks out of the tournament this time either from the Super 8 or from the Semi final, otherwise, they will surely create history by winning third world cup in a row.

The pitches, as everybody is saying, will play a lead role along with the toss. It all depends on the pitch, the toss to decide which team will win the match. Obviously with the batting line up we have, it's certain that we can reach at least the semifinal stage and from then on it's Determination + luck + hard work which decides our fate.

My prediction for World cupCollapse )

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Go through this beautiful article from Telegraph.Hope it was not posted before. Found it in Cricinfo blogs.

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Indian team training camp at the NCA

Posted by indianethic on 2006.09.01 at 19:00
Mohammad Kaif and Irfan Pathan 'work out' at the training camp at the NCA in Bangalore
Mohammad Kaif and Irfan Pathan 'work out' at the training camp at the NCA in Bangalore

Pics from the Roll Camp

Posted by xania88 on 2006.09.01 at 21:30
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let's get it rolling...

Seems like it's not all just work (as these pics would testify)!

Pics from the Roll CampCollapse )

Enjoy! ^^

Posted by hamdamn on 2006.08.29 at 18:50

What has been annoying you the most about international cricket lately?

The racists in the game.And the sourpusses for that matter!!Out with them,I mean him!
Bad Hair Days all around.Chaminda Vaas' new hair gives me creeps.
Imran Khan's confused stance.What is going on in that head of his anyway?
The fact that I've forgotten how Tendulkar looks.Especially after my parents removed his photo from our pooja room a few months ago.

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